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Welcome to MedStudentWiki

MedStudentWiki is an open Wiki page for Medical Students (and future Medical Students) by Medical Students. While the focus is primarily U.S. and Caribbean based Allopathic and Osteopathic programs/experiences, international input is absolutely welcome!

As a fledgling M-1, I was horribly confused about pretty much every step of medical school. I turned to all sorts of resources such as professional test-prep services, reddit and many more places. Unfortunately, there really wasn't a place I could do a deep dive and just keep exploring more and more about Medical School. So, MedStudentWiki was born.

And yes, you are probably reading this now and saying "wow, just three pages?". Well yeah...medical school has this magic property of making my free time disappear. That's where you come in! Feel free to contribute to this Wiki.

Please don't pitch products or personal services. This isn't the forum for such things.

That a famous Anatomy Professor once said: "Teamwork makes the dreamwork!"

Getting Started

Here are some samples to get you started: