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An M1, M-1 or MS-1 is a first year medical student (freshman). This challenging year introduces the Medical Student to the rigors of Medical School education and begins the two year academic intensive studies.

M-1 Overview[edit]

M1 year is extremely challenging, but designed to help students learn how to learn. The curriculum is fast paced, but designed to allow students to hone their study strategies which is vital for entry into M2 year..

M-1 Curriculum[edit]

Each medical school has different curriculum, some use what is called a Systems Approach while other use the Traditional Approach. Additionally, each school has a different order in which they teach the subjects. Some subjects might be taught by some schools during M2 year.

Systems Approach[edit]

See Systems Approach for Pros and Cons.

Traditional Approach[edit]

The Traditional Approach emphasizes individual disciplines, but teaches all organ systems within that discipline. Many schools still use the Traditional Approach. See Traditional Approach for Pros and Cons. As aforementioned, schools differ on what they teach and when they teach. That said, here is a sample M-1 Curriculum from Quillen College of Medicine (QCOM), a school which uses a Traditional Approach.

File:QCOM Sample M-1 Curriculum.jpg
QCOM Sample M-1 Curriculum
  1. Embryology
  2. Anatomy
  3. Doctoring 1
    1. Physical Exam Skills
    2. Case Studies
  4. Histology
  5. Genetics
  6. Clinical Epidemiology and Bio-statistics
  7. Biochemistry
  8. Physiology
  9. Integrated Grand Rounds
  10. Communications
  11. Inter-Professional Education (IPE)

M-1 Tips and Tricks[edit]